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%%scale 0.70
%%titlefont Helvetica-Bold 13
%%composerfont Helvetica 9
%%composerspace 0.2cm
%%gchordfont Times-Roman 13
%%musicspace 1.1cm
%%leftmargin 1.3cm
%%staffwidth 18.4cm
%%staffsep 40
%%partsfont Times-Bold 10
%%partsspace 0.35cm

X: 1
C: Words and Music by
C: Bud Green, Les Brown, and Ben Homer
M: C
L: 1/4
Q: "Easy Swing" 1/4=140
K: C
%text Easy Swing
"C"z/EC/ E>C|E/>C/E/>C/ E|z/EC/E>F|"D7"E_E/D/-"G7"D2|
w: Gon-na take a Sen-ti-men-tal Jour-ney, gon-na set my heart at ease._
w: Got my bag, I got my re-ser-va-tion, spent each dime I could af-ford._
"C"z/=EC/ E>C|"F9"_E/>C/E/>C/ E|"C"z/=EC/E>F|"G7"E/>_E/ D/C/-"C"C2:|
w: Gon-na take a Sen-ti-men-tal Jour-ney, to re-new old mem -or-ries._
w: Like a child in wild an-ti-ci-pa-tion, long to hear that "All_ a-board."_
"FM7"B/c/-c3| B/>c/B/>c/ d| "CM7"^F/G/-G3| ^F/>G/F/>G/ A|
w:Se-ven,_ that's the time we leave, at sev-en._ I'll be wait-in' up for
"D7"^c/d/-d3|^c/>d/c/>d/=c>A|"G7"B/GA/-"Dm7"A>F|"G7"G"C#dim7"E/F/-"G7/D  G7"F2|
w:Hea-ven,_ count-in' ev-'ry mile of rail-road track_ that takes me back._
"C"z/EC/ E>C|E/>C/E/>C/ E|z/EC/E>F|"D7"E_E/D/-"G7"D2|
w: Nev-er thought my heart could be so yeam-y. Why did I de-cide to roam?_
"C"z/=EC/ E>C|"F9"_E/>C/E/>C/ E|"C"z/=EC/ E|"G7"E/>_E/ D/C/-"C"C2 |]
w:Got-ta take this Sen-ti-men-tal Jour-ney, Sen-ti-men-tal Jour - ney home._

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