Terminology and Organization

Songs may have different Arrangements. See SongTemplate

Each Arrangement contains one or more Sections that represent a duration of of the tune (possibly repeated). See ArrangementTemplate

Each Arrangement contains one or more Instruments.

Each Section may involve one or more lines for each instrument. Lines might typically consist of a few phrases.

The word "part" (out of context) is avoided to avoid ambiguity between Section and Instrument.

Adding Songs

  1. Add the Song page using a SongTemplate.

  2. Create a new Arrangements subpage using an ArrangementsTemplate. This will contain the Song's arrangements.

  3. Add the first Arrangement for the Song using an ArrangementTemplate.

Handling MP3

mp3 files are included as attachments to pages and may be transcluded into pages using the macro


Multiple attachments may be uploaded in a batch by uploading a zip archive of them and the performing an unzip action on the attachment page.

Using ABC Plus notation

ABC Plus notation is included in the following manner.

ABC Plus source goes here


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