1. Ten1 x 1 round
  2. Ten2 joins in for 1 round
  3. Sop1 comes in for several rounds
  4. Sop1 runs on G for two rounds
  5. Everybody in
  6. Lead and Sop1 carry the song with an effective "double lead"
  7. Lead runs on D for two rounds.
  8. Ten1 and Ten2 play alone.
  9. Singing (optional)
  10. Ten1 and Ten2 accelerate.
  11. Lead calls everyone back in with two rounds on D.
  12. Everyone in for 2 rounds exactly.
  13. Individual 1 round solos followed by 2 rounds of everyone
    1. Sop1 b. Sop2 c. Bass d. Bari e. Lead f. Silence
  14. Everyone in.
  15. Lead calls two rounds on D.
  16. End.

Bass and Baritone

Here are two versions of the bass and baritone playing together:

Entire song (for practice)

Chapungu Parts

* Tenor 2: (mp3)

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